Quality Measurement in Family Planning: Past, Present, Future

Papers from the Bellagio meeting on Family Planning Quality in October 2015

by Susannah Hopkins Leisher, Andrea Sprockett, Kim Longfield et al.
Metrics for Management, 2016

184 pp. 4.5 MB

In October 2015, researchers, programmers and policymakers gathered in Bellagio, Italy to discuss strategies for improving, standardizing and simplifying the measurement of quality in family planning. Authors represent a diverse group of family planning providers, NGO leaders, researchers, global policy makers, and donors. Metrics for Management, Population Services International, Marie Stopes International, and the Population Council are currently undertaking the first phase of research outlined at the Bellagio meeting to develop a common metric that links existing facility-based measures of quality to client engagement, and to contraceptive continuation.

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