World Health Summit Yearbook 2016

An International Forum for Networking, Exchange and Policy-Shaping Debate

Editors: Detlev Ganten, Jörg Heldmann, Alexander Hewer et al.
WHS Foundation GmbH, c/o Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin, 2016

51 pp. 9.3 MB 2016_-_online.pdf

The World Health Summit (WHS) is one of the world’s most prominent strategic forums for global health. The interdisciplinary, international event takes place within an atmosphere of academic freedom. This year’s World Health Summit found us face-to-face with a challenge of unprecedented scale: For the first time ever, more than 60 million people are fleeing war, terror and persecution. The effects have been profound. Europe, seen for decades as a model of cooperation and friendship, is diverging from its blueprint. Social norms and contracts are dissolving under the weight of mistrust and short-term interests. In many countries, health systems are struggling hard with the duty of providing care for those in need. Experience shows that there is only one way to confront these paramount issues: We have to build up trust again and intensify international cooperation.

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