Searching for the Second R in Sexual and Reproductive Health and … Rights

by Luisa Orza, Tyler Crone, Julie Mellin et al.
Journal of Adolescent Health 60 (2017) S10eS14

5 pp. 294 kB

The role of sexual and reproductive health in underpinning a successful approach to HIV prevention, treatment, care, and services has increasingly been recognized. However, the “second R,” referring to sexual and reproductive rights, is often neglected. This leads to policies and programs which both fail to uphold and fulfil these rights and which fail to meet the needs of those most affected by HIV. In this commentary, the authors draw on the approach and practical experiences of the Link Up program, and the findings of a global consultation led for and by young people living with and most affected by HIV, to present a five-point framework to improve programming and health outcomes by better protecting, respecting, and fulfilling the sexual health and reproductive rights of young people living with and most vulnerable to HIV.

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