Engagement of the private pharmaceutical sector for TB control: rhetoric or reality?

by Niranjan Konduri, Emily Delmotte and Edmund Rutta
Journal of Pharmaceutical Policy and Practice, 2017 10:6 – Published: 18 January 2017

13 pp. 1.2 MB

Private-sector retail drug outlets are often the first point of contact for common health ailments, including tuberculosis (TB). The author’s objective was to better understand the extent to which the World Health Organization’s recommendation on engaging retail drug outlets has been translated into programmatic policy, strategy, and intervention in low- and middle-income countries. They conclude that for WHO’s End TB Strategy to be successful, scaling up retail drug outlets to increase national coverage, at least in countries with a thriving private sector, will be instrumental in accelerating the early detection and referral of the 3 million missing TB cases. The proposed public-private mix (PPM) pharmacy model is applicable not only for TB control but also to tackle the antimicrobial resistance crisis in these countries.

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