Guide to Good Prescribing – A Practical Manual

by T.P.G.M de Vries, R.H. Henning, H.V. Hogerzeil et al.
WHO Department of Essential Drugs and Medicines Policy, 1994, Reprinted 1998, 2000

142 pp. 314 kB

This training manual provides step by step guidance to rational prescribing of medicines and teaches skills that are not time limited but which remain valid throughout a clinical career. It demonstrates that prescribing a drug is part of a process that includes many other components. The manual explains the principles of drug selection and how to develop and become familiar with a set of drugs for regular use in practice, called P(personal)-drugs. Practical examples illustrate how to select, prescribe and monitor treatment, and how to communicate effectively with patients. The advantages and disadvantages of different sources of drug information are also described.

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