The Lancet Commission: Essential medicines for universal health coverage

by Veronika J Wirtz, Hans V Hogerzeil, Andrew L Gray et al.
The Lancet, Vol. 389, No. 10067, pp. 403–476, 28 January 2017

74 pp. 1.0 MB

The recognition of the importance of essential medicines is not new. At the 1985 Nairobi Conference on the Rational Use of Drugs, government representatives and other stakeholders proposed a comprehensive set of essential medicines policies. 30 years later, The Lancet’s Commission on Essential Medicines Policies convened to explore these questions: what progress has been achieved? What challenges remain to be addressed? Which lessons have been learned to inform future approaches? And how can essential medicines policies be harnessed to promote UHC and contribute to the global sustainable development agenda? This report addresses these questions, with the intent to reposition essential medicines policies on the global development agenda.

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