Hypertension in 2017 – What Is the Right Target?

by Aram V. Chobanian
JAMA, January 30, 2017

2 pp. 130 kB

Setting blood pressure (BP) goals is not an exact science. Such goals have generally relied on findings from clinical trials that typically have differed in such important variables as age of participants, entry and exclusion criteria, presence or absence of concomitant illnesses, severity of hypertension, treatment regimens, and therapeutic goals. Furthermore, few previous trials have been designed to compare the effects of lowering BP to different targets. The ultimate goal should be to prevent hypertension. Efforts should be intensified rather than simply acknowledged. For persons with prehypertension, particularly with BP levels in the 130-139/85-89 mm Hg range, adoption of healthy lifestyles should be stressed by clinicians to their patients. In addition, use of statins and efforts to stop smoking should be considered in all persons with hypertension to reduce cardiovascular complications.

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