Integrating Rights into HIV and Sexual and Reproductive Health: Evidence and Experiences from the Link Up Project

Edited by David Ross, John Santelli
Journal of Adolescent Health 60 (2017), Vol. e 60, Issue 2, Supplement 2, S1-S54

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Unmet need for both sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) and HIV services is substantial in the developing world. The three commentaries and five articles in this supplement report on the Link Up consortium project (2013–2016), which aimed to improve the SRHR of young people (10–24 years old) most affected by HIV in five countries; three in Africa (Burundi, Ethiopia, and Uganda), and two in Asia (Bangladesh and Myanmar). The primary groups of young people engaged in the research were young men and women who sell or transact sex or are living with HIV, men who have sex with men, and young transgender people. When taken as a whole, the studies reported here illustrate the importance of taking an integrated and comprehensive approach to programming, including integration across the components of SRHR and HIV services, integration of services provided within health care facilities and in the community, and coordination of interventions at the structural, community, and individual level.

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