Vector Borne Diseases – 5 Day Workshop

Bangkok: 27th February – 3rd March 2017
Dubai: 22nd May – 26th May 2017

The MENTOR Initiative is delighted to be able to offer a new training course designed specifically to strengthen the capacity of agencies to implement effective and coordinated vector borne disease control activities, either as a focus or as part of broader disease control activities.

The 5 day course is taught by a team of MENTOR staff and outside experts from the relevant teaching fields. It is designed to be highly participatory, with a problem-based approach to teaching and learning. Throughout the workshop participants will be encouraged to actively take part and to share their experiences and lessons learned. Teaching methodologies used will include lectures, problem solving exercises, role playing and practical demonstrations including, clinical and confirmatory diagnosis as appropriate by Rapid Diagnostic Tests, case load screening and prevention methods. For more information see:

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