Antibiotic Resistance in the Food Chain: A Developing Country-Perspective

by Luria Leslie Founou, Raspail Carrel Founou and Sabiha Yusuf Essack
Front. Microbiol., 23 November 2016

19 pp. 1.1 MB

Antibiotics are now “endangered species” facing extinction due to the worldwide emergence of antibiotic resistance (ABR). Food animals are considered as key reservoirs of antibiotic-resistant bacteria with the use of antibiotics in the food production industry having contributed to the actual global challenge of ABR. This review covers (i) the origin of antibiotic resistance, (ii) pathways by which bacteria spread to humans from farm-to-fork, (iii) differences in levels of antibiotic resistance between developed and developing countries, and (iv) prevention and containment measures of antibiotic resistance in the food chain.

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