Guidelines for the Treatment of Malaria in South Africa-2016

by Lucille Blumberg, John Frean, Natalie Mayet et al.
National Department of Health and the South African Malaria Elimination Committee (SAMEC), 2016

50 pp. 1.1 MB

These guidelines are based on the 2015 World Health Organization’s Guidelines for the treatment of malaria. Additional literature surveys have been undertaken. Factors that were considered in the choice of therapeutic options included effectiveness, safety, and impact on malaria transmission and on the emergence and spread of antimalarial drug resistance. On-going surveillance is critical given the spread of artemisinin resistance in Southeast Asia, although not yet confirmed anywhere in Africa. It is essential to further bring down the malaria case fatality rates currently recorded in South Africa, to decrease malaria transmission and to limit resistance to antimalarial drugs.

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