How universal is coverage and access to diagnosis and treatment for Chagas disease in Colombia? A health systems analysis

by Zulma M. Cucunub, Jennifer M. Manne-Goehler, Diana Díaz et al.
Social Science & Medicine, Vol. 175, February 2017, pp. 187–198

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Limited access to Chagas disease diagnosis and treatment is a major obstacle to reaching the 2020 World Health Organization milestones of delivering care to all infected and ill patients. Colombia has been identified as a health system in transition, reporting one of the highest levels of health insurance coverage in Latin America. The authors explore if and how this high level of coverage extends to those with Chagas disease, a traditionally marginalised population. Findings suggest serious shortcomings in this health system for Chagas disease, despite the success of universal health insurance scale-up in Colombia. Whether these shortcomings exist in relation to other neglected tropical diseases needs investigating.

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