Chikungunya virus: an update on the biology and pathogenesis of this emerging pathogen

by Felicity J Burt, Weiqiang Chen, Jonathan J Miner et al.
Lancet Infect Dis 2017 – Published Online January 31, 2017

11 pp. 843 kB

Re-emergence of chikungunya virus, a mosquito-transmitted pathogen, is of serious public health concern. In the past 15 years, after decades of infrequent, sporadic outbreaks, the virus has caused major epidemic outbreaks in Africa, Asia, the Indian Ocean, and more recently the Caribbean and the Americas. Chikungunya virus represents a substantial health burden to affected populations, with symptoms that include severe joint and muscle pain, rashes, and fever, as well as prolonged periods of disability in some patients. In this Review, the authors provide an update on chikungunya virus with regard to its epidemiology, molecular virology, virus-host interactions, immunological responses, animal models, and potential antiviral therapies and vaccines.

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