How to do better health reform: a snapshot of change and improvement initiatives in the health systems of 30 countries

by Jeffrey Braithwaite, Yukihiro Matsuyama, Russell Mannion et al.
Int J Qual Health Care (2017) 28 (6): 843-846 – Published 1 February 2017

4 pp. 182 kB

Health systems are continually being reformed. Why, and how? Wealthy or less wealthy, countries are embracing ways to enhance quality of care and keep patients safe, via mechanisms such as accreditation, clinical guidelines and hand hygiene campaigns. Two timely reminders are that, first, a population’s health is not determined solely by the acute system, but is a product of inter-sectoral effort – that is, measures to alleviate poverty and provide good housing, education, nutrition, running water and sanitation across the population. Second, all reformers and advocates of better-quality of care should include well-designed evaluation in their initiatives. Too often, improvement is assumed, not measured. That is perhaps the key message.

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