Aspiration in injections: should we continue or abandon the practice?

by Yasir Sepah, Lubna Samad, Arshad Altaf et al.
F1000Research 2017, 3:157 – Last updated: 01 February 2017

13 pp. 560 kB

Aspiration during any kind of injection is meant to ensure that the needle tip is at the desired location during this blind procedure. While aspiration appears to be a simple procedure, it has generated a lot of controversy concerning the perceived benefits and indications. Advocates and opponents of aspiration both make logically sound claims. However, due to scarcity of available data, there is no evidence that this procedure is truly beneficial or unwarranted. Keeping in view the huge number of injections given worldwide, it is important that we draw attention to key questions regarding aspiration that, up till now, remain unanswered.

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