Hans Rosling, statistician and development champion, dies aged 68

Hans Rosling, the gifted global health and development communicator, statistician and educator who had a knack for explaining complex data simply, died on 7th February after a yearlong illness from pancreatic cancer, The Guardian reports.

Rosling rose to global prominence in 2006 when he delivered his first TED talk (“The best stats you’ve ever seen”). His 10 TED talks delved into poverty, HIV risk factors, child mortality and other issues.

In a moving profile from December, Nature’s Amy Maxmen found Rosling’s motivations in his early years in Asia and Africa. Once he faced down a crowd of machete-wielding Congolese upset by his plans to draw their blood. Armed only with photos and his smarts, he explained his research and that he was there to help them. The disease would come to be known as konzo.

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