Impact of health financing policies in Cambodia: A 20 year experience

by Tim Ensor, Chhim Chhun, Ton Kimsun et al.
Social Science & Medicine 177 (2017) 118e126

9 pp. 441 kB

Improving financial access to services is an essential part of extending universal health coverage in low resource settings. In Cambodia, high out of pocket spending and low levels of utilisation have impeded the expansion of coverage and improvement in health outcomes. For twenty years a series of health financing policies have focused on mitigating costs to increase access particularly by vulnerable groups. The authors conclude that formalising fees led to an increase in mean health spending but a fall for the poor. It takes a number of years for health financing policies to reach full impact. Financing policies have led to a reduction in health spending by the poor. Interactions between policies affect their impact.

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