Use of Information and Communication Technologies Among Older People With and Without Frailty: A Population-Based Survey

by Niina Susanna Keränen, Maarit Kangas, Milla Immonen et al.
J Med Internet Res 2017;19(2):e29

11 pp. 485 kB

Use of information and communication technologies (ICT) among seniors is increasing; however, studies on the use of ICT by seniors at the highest risk of health impairment are lacking. Frail and prefrail seniors are a group that would likely benefit from preventive nutrition and exercise interventions, both of which can take advantage of ICT. The authors conclude that physical frailty status is associated with older peoples’ ICT use independent of age, education, and opinions on ICT use. While older people at large are increasingly using computers, mobile technologies, and the Internet, it is still difficult to reach those most in the need of health care support through such means. This should be taken into consideration when designing preventive and assistive technologies and interventions for older people at risk of health impairment.

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