Educating religious leaders to promote uptake of male circumcision in Tanzania: a cluster randomised trial

by Jennifer A Downs, Agrey H Mwakisole, Alphonce B Chandika et al.
The Lancet – Published Online February 14, 2017

9 pp. 926 kB

Male circumcision is being widely deployed as an HIV prevention strategy in countries with high HIV incidence, but its uptake in sub-Saharan Africa has been below targets. The authors did a study to establish whether educating religious leaders about male circumcision would increase uptake in their village. They conclude that education of religious leaders had a substantial effect on uptake of male circumcision, and should be considered as part of male circumcision programmes in other sub-Saharan African countries. They think that the process of working through religious leaders can serve as an innovative model to promote healthy behaviour, leading to HIV prevention and other clinically relevant outcomes, in a variety of settings.

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