Innovative solution: use of unmanned aircraft vehicles to deliver life-saving medicines and supplies

by Anabella Sanchez, Nora Quesada, Katie Qutub et al.
USAID, Deliver Project, 2016

34 pp. 2.5 MB

Universal health coverage will become a reality when all segments of the population receive essential medicines and medical supplies when and where they need them, in every country. One of the possible solutions to resolve the challenges that still exist to transport medicines (especially those medicines that save lives) in a timely manner, to hard-to-reach places, could be the use of technology such as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) or drones. In this brief, the authors will provide basic information about UAV, what they are, the different models, features, countries that are implementing pilot programs, a pilot experience in some countries, including the Dominican Republic, and future use in public health.

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