Anti-malarial effect of novel chloroquine derivatives as agents for the treatment of malaria

by Seon-Ju Yeo, Dong-Xu Liu, Hak Sung Kim et al.
Malaria Journal,2017 16:80 – Published: 17 February 2017

9 pp. 1.1 MB

The widespread emergence of anti-malarial drug resistance has necessitated the discovery of novel anti-malarial drug candidates. In this study, chloroquine derivatives were evaluated for the improved anti-malarial activity. Novel two derivatives (SKM13 and SKM14) were synthesized based on the chloroquine (CQ) template containing modified side chains such as α,β-unsaturated amides and phenylmethyl group. The authors conclude that CQ derivatives with substituents have enhanced anti-malarial activity against the CQ-resistant strain P. falciparum, and SKM13 is an excellent anti-malarial drug candidate in mice model.

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