Bridging Knowledge Gaps to Understand How Zika Virus Exposure and Infection Affect Child Development

by Bill G. Kapogiannis, Nahida Chakhtoura, Rohan Hazra et al.
JAMA Pediatr. Published online February 20, 2017

8 pp. 201 kB

As the number of children born with Zika virus (ZIKV)-related complications continues to grow, the long-term developmental trajectory for these children and the effect on their families remains largely unknown. Rigorous research is key to improving the identification of ZIKV-infected mothers and babies. Research also is critical to increasing basic understanding of the neuropathogenesis of congenital ZIKV disease and of the spectrum of clinical presentations of ZIKV infection so that agents to prevent and treat this devastating disease can be rapidly developed and studied.

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