Governance of Non-State Social Protection Initiatives: Implications of Addressing Gendered Vulnerability to Poverty in Uganda

by Florence Kyoheirwe Muhanguzi, Fred K. Muhumuza, Julius Okello
Partnership for African Social and Governance Research (PASGR), January 2016

38 pp. 315 kB

Non-state actors (NSAs) are offering social protection services in Uganda to address vulnerabilities associated with poverty. Information is limited on their adequacy and efficacy and how their governance mechanisms address gender concerns. This study aimed to fill that gap. A national policy that accommodates the local context is needed to support delivery of NSA services; to facilitate offering of transformative and preventive interventions of long-term and strategic nature; to guide NSAs to incorporate gender responsiveness as a guiding principle in their interventions; and to require NSAs to engage local communities in programme development. Gender should be integral to all policy and programming, supported by gender training at all levels.

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