Afghanistan Synthetic Drugs Situation Assessment

by Abdul Subor Momand, Martin Raithelhuber, Sabrina Levissianos et al.
UNODC Global SMART Programme, January 2017

36 pp. 835 kB

UNODC launched the first Afghanistan Synthetic Drugs Assessment report. The survey draws attention to the presence of synthetic drugs in Afghanistan alongside the continued dominant presence of an illicit opiate market. The main objective of this report is to offer some initial insights into the extent of synthetic drug production, use, and trafficking in Afghanistan and to highlight important areas for further research. While this report is limited in scope and can only present a first assessment of the synthetic drug situation in Afghanistan, its findings are highly relevant for a more nuanced understanding of the drug situation in the country, with regard to drug treatment and law enforcement. A range of potential areas for response is outlined in the report, which may be considered by national and international stakeholders.

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