Field Use of Molluscicides in Schistosomiasis Control Programmes: An Operational Manual for Programme Managers

by Amadou Garba Djirmay, Rajpal Singh Yadav, Jiagang Guo et al.
World Health Organization, 2017

50 pp. 2.8 MB

Snail control, mainly by mollusciciding but also by environmental modifications, was for many years the cornerstone of schistosomiasis control and has contributed to many successful control outcomes. More recently, the focus of control has moved to anti-schistosomiasis chemotherapy, primarily to prevent morbidity in school-age children, who are often associated with the highest levels of schistosome infection. Regular treatment with praziquantel is now being successfully implemented in at-risk areas. This operational manual is intended to facilitate the reintroduction of practices and protocols for use of molluscicides in the field in schistosomiasis control programmes.

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