Tuberculosis exposure, infection and disease in children: a systematic diagnostic approach

by Claudia L. Roya-Pabon and Carlos M. Perez-Velez
Pneumonia, 2016 8:23 – Published: 24 November 2016

18 pp. 7.3 MB

Diagnosing tuberculosis (TB) in children is challenging and often it is only considered after the child has failed various therapeutic trials for other disorders. Even with intensive specimen collection and optimal molecular and culture-based diagnostics, most children with non-severe pulmonary TB are not confirmed bacteriologically, despite having an exposure history, immune-based confirmation of infection and clinical features consistent with this diagnosis. Nonetheless, with currently available tools, it is possible to make an accurate clinical diagnosis of intrathoracic TB in most diseased children. This review presents a systematic approach to diagnosing intrathoracic TB in children.

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