Open Online Courses in Public Health: experience from Peoples-uni

by Richard F. Heller, Robert Zurynski, Alan Barrett et al.
F1000Research 2017, 6:170 Last updated: 21 February 2017

6 pp. 202 kB

Open Online Courses (OOCs) are offered by Peoples-uni at to complement the courses run on a separate site for academic credit at .They provide a wide range of online learning resources beyond those usually found in credit bearing Public Health courses. They are self-paced, and students can enrol themselves at any time and utilise Open Educational Resources free of copyright restrictions. In the two years that courses have been running, 1174 students from 100 countries have registered and among the 1597 enrolments in 15 courses, 15% gained a certificate of completion. Easily accessible and appealing to a wide geographical and professional audience, OOCs have the potential to play a part in establishing global Public Health capacity building programmes.

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