TB partners, patients ask: How does a bacterium responsible for nearly a third of drug-resistance deaths not make list of R&D priority pathogens?

by Antigone Barton
Science Speaks, March 1, 2017

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The day after the World Health Organization announced it had produced its “first ever” list of drug-resistant bacteria for which new medicines are the most urgently needed, the agency released a second announcement on the topic Tuesday, emphasizing its recognition of drug-resistant tuberculosis, which had been left off the list, as “a top priority for WHO and for the world.” By that time, however, the omission of the leading infectious disease killer that leads to almost a third of all deaths resulting from drug resistance from a list that WHO called “a catalogue of 12 bacteria that pose the greatest threat to human health,” had drawn responses from communities of tuberculosis response advocates that ranged from “dismay” to a demand that the list be amended.

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