Youth Contraceptive Use: Effective Interventions

A Reference Guide
Population Reference Bureau, February 2017

8 pp. 353 kB

Sexual and reproductive health (SRH) programming for married and unmarried youth ages 15 to 24 is critical to improve the health, social, and economic outcomes of future generations. However, youth face many more barriers to accessing and using contraception than older people, including provider refusal, restrictive laws or policies, limited contraceptive options, stigma, and sociocultural pressures to have children early. Despite growing commitment to the rights of youth to access contraceptive services, governments and their partners lack clear guidance on supporting interventions that ensure their commitments are realized. The purpose of this reference guide is to inform governments and their partners about interventions that are most likely to expand youth’s access to and use of contraception, based on a review of existing evidence.

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