Research capacity strengthening for sexual and reproductive health: a case study from Latin America

by Rita Kabra, Marco Castillo, Mercedes Melián et al.
Reproductive Health, 2017 14:35 – Published: 7 March 2017

5 pp. 341 kB

This paper presents the case study of WHO Research, Development and Research Training in Human Reproduction (HRP’s) efforts to build research capacity in Latin America by studying and analyzing the 5-year history of institutional development support to the Paraguayan Center for Population Studies (CEPEP) in Paraguay. The authors explain the strengths in the approaches used by HRP, the challenges and outcomes of the process and present recommendations for future efforts to strengthen research capacity to improve sexual and reproductive health. Greater support and collaborative efforts of developmental partners and governments is required to strengthen research capacity in low and middle-income countries to improve sexual and reproductive health.

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