Strengthening the Role of Women with Disabilities in Humanitarian Action: A Facilitator’s Guide

by Boram Lee, Emma Pearce, Dale Buscher
Women’s Refugee Commission, February 2017

92 pp. 6.9 MB

Increasingly, women and girls with disabilities are understood to experience multiple and intersecting forms of discrimination, based on age, gender and disability as well as other factors, such as nationality and socioeconomic status. This discrimination is exacerbated in conflict and displacement situations, where they face a variety of human-rights violations, including violence, abuse and exploitation. Working in partnership with regional networks of women with disabilities, the Women’s Refugee Commission (WRC) has developed a Facilitator’s Guide for training. Designed for women leaders of organizations of persons with disabilities (DPOs), this Facilitator’s Guide helps provide training to members, colleagues and/or partners. It is intended to enhance the capacity of women with disabilities to effectively advocate on women’s and disability issues within relevant humanitarian forums at national and regional levels

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