Health – Civil20: Civil Society Recommendations to the G20

Civil20 is the G20 engagement group of the international civil society. It represents organisations and individuals from all continents, giving civil society a loud voice in the G20.

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The Civil20 (C20) commends the German presidency for placing global health on the agenda of the G20. They urge future presidencies to take forward this work. Today’s world sees rising alarm regarding the inability to respond to emerging pandemics and antimicrobial resistance. New tools are needed but the current commercial research and development system is failing to provide them. Health should not be predominantly described as a threat to security and is much more than crisis management. Health is as an outcome of, and a prerequisite for, sustainable development. C20 call on the G20 to focus and deliver on antimicrobial resistance; multilateral institutional support; and Health Systems Strengthening and Universal Health Coverage.

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