Controlling schistosomiasis with praziquantel: How much longer without a viable alternative?

by Robert Bergquist, Jürg Utzinger and Jennifer Keiser
Infectious Diseases of Poverty,2017 6:74 – Received: 25 January 2017

10 pp. 402 kB

The current approach of morbidity control of schistosomiasis, a helminth disease of poverty with considerable public health and socioeconomic impact, is based on preventive chemotherapy with praziquantel. There is a pressing need for new drugs against this disease whose control entirely depends on this single drug that has been widely used over the past 40 years. The authors argue that a broader anthelminthic approach supplementing praziquantel with new antischistosomals targeting different parasite development stages would not only increase efficacy but also reduce the risk for drug resistance.

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