Preventing opioid overdose deaths: A research on the Italian naloxone distribution model

by Susanna Ronconi, Franca Beccaria, Antonella Camposeragna et al.
Coordinated by Forum Droghe, 2016

136 pp. 7.5 MB

This research on the Italian experience of the distribution of naloxone to people who use drugs and in the wider community (Take Home Naloxone-THN) was born from the need to fill a gap of knowledge, information and communications concerning more than twenty years of experience of harm reduction (HR) and risk limitation (RL) correlated to opiate drug use in Italy. The lack of studies regarding the evidence and results of THN also has diverse negative consequences. The first among these is the increased difficulty to obtain political support for the practices of HR, in a kind of vicious circle. As important as this, it translates into a lack of knowledge and analysis about the interventions, which are necessary for those very same health workers, in order to adjust objectives, strategies and work methodologies to increase results and suitability.

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