Vaccine Special Issue: Building Next Generation Immunization Supply Chains

Edited by Bruce Y. Lee, Benjamin Schreiber and Raja Rao
Vaccine Vol. 35, Issue 17, pp. 2101-2278 (19 April 2017)

Thanks to decades of global investment in vaccine development and immunization programs, childhood vaccination now prevents 2–3 million deaths each year. Yet in 2015, an estimated 19.4 million infants worldwide had not been fully immunized, resulting in approximately 1.5 million preventable deaths. A renewed focus on next-generation supply chains that can safely and reliably manage, store, transport, and deliver vaccines to the point of use is vital to closing the immunization gap. As the articles in this special issue of Vaccine show, a number of innovations required to transform existing systems to next-generation supply chains are now known and ready for implementation at scale. They employ the latest refrigeration and monitoring technologies and reflect new strategies for transport, management, and data tracking.

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