Evaluating the impact of continuous quality improvement methods at hospitals in Tanzania: a cluster-randomized trial

by Yusuke Kamiya; Hisahiro Ishijma; Akiko Hagiwara et al.
Int J Qual Health Care (2017) 29 (1): 32-39

8 pp. 265 kB

The Sort, Set, Shine, Standardize, Sustain (5S) approach increased cleanliness in the outpatient department, patients’ subjective waiting time and overall satisfaction. However, negligible effects were confirmed for patient’s experiences on hospital staff behaviours. The 5S as a continuous quality improvement (CQI) method is effective in enhancing hospital environment and service delivery; that are subjectively assessed by outpatients even during the short intervention period. Nevertheless, continuous efforts will be needed to connect CQI practices with the further improvement in the delivery of quality health care.

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