Continuous Long-lasting Insecticidal Net Distributions: A Guide to Concepts and Planning

by Kate Kolaczinski, Don de Savigny, Megan Fotheringham et al.
Roll Back Malaria Vector Control Working Group, Continuous Distribution Systems Work Stream, Updated December 2016

48 pp. 1.2 MB

Evidence is overwhelming that use of Long- Lasting Insecticidal Nets (LLINs) is a highly cost-effective strategy for malaria prevention and has been contributing to significant reductions in malaria morbidity and mortality in recent years. This document presents an overview of concepts and guides planners through the decision-making process to move towards a sound continuous distribution strategy. It reviews a wide array of mechanisms available for continuous distribution systems and introduces guidance for choosing mechanisms that best fit local contexts, as well as providing tools for the calculations and planning needed. It pulls these together in a simple step-wise strategy matrix to guide choices, decisions, and development of plans by the necessary stakeholders.

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