Predictors of job satisfaction among nurses working in Ethiopian public hospitals, 2014: institution-based cross-sectional study

by Ayele Semachew, Tefera Belachew, Temamen Tesfaye et al.
Human Resources for Health, 2017 15:31 – Published: 24 April 2017

8 pp. 418 kB

Nurses play a pivotal role in determining the efficiency, effectiveness, and sustainability of health care systems. Nurses’ job satisfaction plays an important role in the delivery of quality health care. There is paucity of studies addressing job satisfaction among nurses in the public hospital setting in Ethiopia. Thus, this study aimed to assess job satisfaction and factors influencing it among nurses in Jimma zone public hospitals, southwestern Ethiopia. The authors found that one third of nurses had a low level of job satisfaction. Professional commitment, workload, working unit, and mutual understanding at work predicted the outcome variable.

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