Linkage to HIV care after home-based HIV counselling and testing in sub-Saharan Africa: A systematic review

by Eugene Ruzagira, Kathy Baisley, Anatoli Kamali et al.
Tropical Medicine & International Health – Published 27 April 2017

32 pp. 1.0 MB

Home-based HIV counselling and testing (HBHCT) has the potential to increase HIV testing uptake in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) but data on linkage to HIV care after HBHCT are scarce. The authors conducted a systematic review of linkage to care after HBHCT in SSA. They conclude that only few studies from SSA investigated linkage to care among adults newly diagnosed with HIV through HBHCT. Linkage was often low after routine referral but higher if additional interventions were used to facilitate it. The effectiveness of linkage strategies should be confirmed through randomised controlled trials.

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