The health system in Portugal: the challenge of health inequalities and financial sustainability

by Jorge de Almeida Simões, Gonçalo Figueiredo Augusto, Inês Fronteira et al.
European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies, 2017

211 pp. 2.3 MB

While overall health indicators for Portugal have notably improved in recent years, they still hide significant health inequalities, which are mostly related to health determinants, such as child poverty, mental health and quality of life. Even though the Portuguese National Health Service (NHS) is universal, comprehensive and almost free at point of delivery, there are also inequities in the access to health care, mostly related to geography, income and health literacy. The so-called health subsystems, the special health insurance schemes for particular professions or companies that exist next to the NHS as well as private voluntary health insurance, provide easier access for certain groups.

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