Evaluation of the utility value of three diagnostic methods in the detection of malaria parasites in endemic area

by Uchenna Iyioku Ugah, Moses Nnaemeka Alo, Jacob Oluwabusuyi Owolabi et al.
Malaria Journal, 2017 16:189 – Published: 6 May 2017

8 pp. 1.1 MB

Microscopic method using Giemsa-stained blood film has been the mainstay of diagnosis of malaria. However, since 1993 when rapid diagnostic test (RDT) kits were introduced, they have proved to be effective in the diagnosis of malaria. This study was aimed at comparing the accuracy of microscopy and RDTs in the diagnosis of malaria using nested PCR as the reference standard. This study recommends that the policy of malaria diagnosis be changed such that the routine diagnosis of malaria is done by a combination of both microscopy and a RDT kit of high sensitivity and specificity so as to complement the errors associated with either of the methods.

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