Treating Childhood Malnutrition in Rural Haiti: Program Outcomes and Obstacles

by C. Nicholas Cuneo, Emily Dansereau, , Anand R. Habib et al.
Annals of Global Health, January–February 2017, Vol. 83, Issue 1

26 pp. 599 kB

Haiti has the worst malnutrition rate in the Western hemisphere. In October 2010, a cholera epidemic erupted and spread rapidly throughout the country, straining Haiti’s already fragile health infrastructure across all levels of care. This study reviews data from an Outpatient Therapeutic feeding Program (OTP) for acute childhood malnutrition at a clinic in rural Haiti with focus on the effect of the 2010 cholera epidemic on program operations. Results from the study have been used to inform a restructuring of the clinic’s acute malnutrition program towards a more community-centered model of management, the context and implications of which are discussed in relation to the existing literature.

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