Mainstreaming Youth-friendly Sexual & Reproductive Health Services in the Public Sector in Mozambique & Tanzania

by Estrella Alcalde, Katia Amado, Claire Cole et al.
Pathfinder International, Technical Brief, May 2017

12 pp. 1.6 MB

Adolescents and youth (those between the ages of 10 and 24) often face social, cultural, economic, and structural barriers to accessing sexual and reproductive health information and services at a time when they need these services the most, making them vulnerable to poor health outcomes. Emerging global guidance suggests that, to reach youth in a sustainable and scalable way, youth-friendly services must be mainstreamed in the community and health systems. However, there is little evidence from project implementation about how to integrate youth-friendly services on a large scale. This technical brief explores how youth-friendly services were mainstreamed within public sector facilities and communities, examines project findings – including a significant shift in method mix towards long-acting reversible contraceptive (LARC) uptake – and offers recommendations for future youth-friendly services programming.

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