Impact evaluation of different cash-based intervention modalities on child and maternal nutritional status in Sindh Province, Pakistan, at 6 mo and at 1 y: A cluster randomised controlled trial

by Bridget Fenn, Tim Colbourn, Carmel Dolan et al.
PLoS Med 14(5): e1002305 – Published: May 23, 2017

24 pp. 2.2 MB

Cash-based interventions (CBIs), offer an interesting opportunity to prevent increases in wasting in humanitarian aid settings. However, questions remain as to the impact of CBIs on nutritional status and, therefore, how to incorporate them into emergency programmes to maximise their success in terms of improved nutritional outcomes. This study evaluated the effects of three different CBI modalities on nutritional outcomes in children under 5 y of age at 6 mo and at 1 y. In this setting, the amount of cash given was important. The larger cash transfer had the greatest effect on wasting, but only at 6 mo.

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