Do anti-malarials in Africa meet quality standards? The market penetration of non quality-assured artemisinin combination therapy in eight African countries

by ACTwatch Group, Paul N. Newton, Kara Hanson et al.
Malaria Journal, 2017 16:204 – Published: 25 May 2017

21 pp. 1.5 MB

Addressing the availability and distribution of non quality-assured artemisinin-based combination therapy (ACT) (non-QAACT) will require effective private sector engagement and evidence-based strategies to address provider and consumer demand for these products. Given the variation in non-QAACT markets observed across the eight study countries, active efforts to limit registration, importation and distribution of non-QAACT must be tailored to the country context, and will involve addressing complex and challenging aspects of medicine registration, private sector pharmaceutical regulation, local manufacturing and drug importation. These efforts may be critical not only to patient health and safety, but also to effective malaria control and protection of artemisinin drug efficacy in the face of spreading resistance.

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