From Panic and Neglect to Investing in Health Security: Financing Pandemic Preparedness at a National Level

by Mukesh Chawla, Franck Berthe, Eleonora Cavagnero et al.
International Working Group on Financing Preparedness, May 2017

131 pp. 4.6 MB

Deadly infectious pandemics will mark humanity’s future, as they have shaped its past. Neither individual governments nor the global community can entirely prevent the emergence of infectious threats. But we can be much better prepared. This report by the International Working Group on Financing Preparedness (IWG) proposes ways in which national governments and development partners can finance investments in country and regional preparedness and response capacities for pandemics and other health emergencies. As for many other issues, money, or rather the lack of it, is at the heart of the problem, according to the report, which provides 12 recommendations to tackle the issue at the country level.

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