Design and preliminary analysis of a vaginal inserter for speculum-free cervical cancer screening

by Mercy Nyamewaa Asiedu, Júlia Agudogo, Marlee S. Krieger et al.
PLoS ONE 12(5): e0177782 – Published: May 31, 2017

20 pp. 13.2 MB

Cervical cancer screening usually requires use of a speculum to provide a clear view of the cervix. The speculum is one potential barrier to screening due to fear of pain, discomfort and embarrassment. The aim of this paper is to present and demonstrate the feasibility of a tampon-sized inserter and the POCkeT Colposcope, a miniature pen sized-colposcope, for comfortable, speculum-free and potentially self-colposcopy. This study demonstrates the feasibility of an inserter and miniature-imaging device for comfortable cervical image capture of women with potential for synergistic HPV and Pap smear sample collection.

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