Health and Human Rights Journal Special Section: Abortion and Human Rights

Health and Human Rights Journal, Vol. 19, Issue 1, June 2017

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Women’s access to sexual and reproductive health, including safe and legal abortion, faces both old and new threats in many corners of the world. Among other things, the US government under Donald Trump decided to defund the United Nations Population Fund and to reinstate and expand the so-called Global Gag Rule that prevents any non-US, non-governmental organization from receiving funds from the United States if they provide not just abortion services but any information regarding abortion, even with other donors’ funds. It is an especially apt time for scholars and practitioners across disciplines and geographic divides to collectively reflect on where we are in relation to using human rights discourse, tools, and framing to advance access to safe abortion as a right, and how we got here. The pieces in this special section of Health and Human Rights, which speak with multiple voices and perspectives on these complex struggles, are an important step in that direction.

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