WHO’s Adoption of Snakebite Envenoming as Top-level Neglected Tropical Disease

Health Action International (HAI) and Global Snakebite Initiative (GSI), 12 June 2017

2 pp. 236 kB

Health Action International (HAI) and the Global Snakebite Initiative (GSI) have commended the World Health Organization’s (WHO) landmark decision to adopt snakebite envenoming as a ‘category A’ neglected tropical disease (NTD) – the WHO’s highest possible ranking for an NTD. The category A-NTD listing is expected to spark the development and implementation of a long overdue global strategy to control, eliminate and eradicate snakebite envenoming by the WHO’s Department of Control of NTDs and member states. Snakebite envenoming is a catastrophic global health issue that kills and disables hundreds of thousands of people every year and forces victims and their families further into poverty.

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