WHO toolkit for the care and support of people affected by complications associated with Zika virus

by Shekhar Saxena, Anthony Costello, Alarcos Cieza et al.
World Health Organization, 2017

264 pp. 6.3 MB

Zika virus (ZIKV) is associated with severe neurological complications, particularly congenital Zika virus syndrome and Guillain Barré syndrome. The associated complications have a marked impact on the people affected and their communities, including both physical and mental health. This toolkit incorporates and builds upon the relevant guidelines and supportive documents developed in the past year from WHO and partners as part of the overall global response to ZIKV. The toolkit is designed to serve as a model guide, with the goal of enhancing country preparedness for ZIKV outbreaks. It is essential that the toolkit be adapted to the unique national or local context before implementation.

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